All-Round Services

We treat your needs with the utmost care, doing our best to identify the most efficient and excelling solution. From receiving the order to shipping the products, we keep track of every detail of the construction project on your behalf, simplifying the complex routines and interfaces for you and helping you create a solid foundation for your ambitious vision.

Integration of Global Supply Chains

Wei Sheng works with major large-scale steel plants around the world to form a global supplier network, providing products which are compliant with Japan, UK, US, European, Germany, Australia, and other major international steel standards to meet your needs for diversified and top-quality products. By integrating global steel supply resources and keeping track of standards and specifications of different countries, we seek to ensure responsiveness and comprehensiveness when dispatching products.

Ample and Diversified Inventory

Taking up a total area of 14 hectares, Wei Sheng’s factory boasts an ample inventory of quality steel products spanning a variety of specifications. Combined with comprehensive service and management, we are capable of meeting the demand of time-sensitive projects, as well as mid-size and large-scale constructions. Wei Sheng’s abundant inventory and closely-knit international supply network is ready to assist you in responding to emergency needs. Choosing Wei Sheng is a decision which gives you a peaceful mind.

Professional Domestic and International Advisory Team

Wei Sheng has a strong team which boasts professional knowledge in the steel business, international engineering experience, and capability to communicate in foreign languages. They will serve as the best advisory team for your business.

Our dedicated project manager will listen to your needs throughout the process and help you navigate the maze of procurement operations. During the initial period, we will help you explore the import and export regulations of different countries and review information on quality guidelines. Our staff also provides you with customized analysis of the construction project as well as supplementary measures spanning cost, quality, and shipping schedule. By offering you case-specific suggestions in finding the best solution through expertise assessment, we will help you obtain the maximum benefit for your case.

Diversity of Customized Processing Service

We have obtained and accumulated experience in customizing projects over 40 years, allowing us to fully grasp our customers’ demand regarding procurement and processing integration.

Wei Sheng’s factories provide complete value-adding service for primary and secondary processing lines, helping our customers reduce their time and transportation cost significantly to boost efficiency.

Strict Quality Inspection

The ISO9001:2015 certification testifies to our effort in creating factory sites that meet all safety regulations.

To ensure the quality of Wei Sheng’s steel products, we have adopted a disciplined mechanism in quality control. All processed steel material will need to comply with “Dual-track Quality Management Guideline,” helping our customers to monitor the products at each phase of production. Customers can obtain a clear picture of the processing procedures by scanning the QR code. Our Product Source Traceability program, which is able to stand up to tracking and examination, is a symbol of Wen Sheng’s precision manufacturing capabilities.

Dedicated Staff for Shipping Schedule Management

We help you keep track of important deadlines of your construction project and proactively assist in creating a precise import/export shipment schedule. You can enjoy the benefits of a stable and reliable schedule management plan, which allows you to track the latest development anytime.

Our company-owned transport fleet grants you full control over the exact timing of your shipment. For our international customers, we even provide a complete plan which includes accurate calculation of shipping time, detailed shipping process flowchart, and dedicated staff to track the entire shipment process. We hold our promises and obligations in the highest regard. Wei Sheng will do its best to save your time.

Full Service

With the utmost rigour, we value your needs and strive for higher efficiency and superior solutions.
Full-service means that from the time of receipt to shipment, we will integrate all aspects of the engineering project for you, simplify the complicated processes and interfaces, and build a solid foundation for your new achievements.

Global Supply Chain Resource Integration

Wesson and the world's largest steel companies form an international supplier network to provide various international specifications such as daily, British, U.S., European, German, and Australian regulations to meet your diverse and high-quality products. demand. Steel demand.

Integrating global steel supply resources and mastering the standards of various countries enables us to have both immediate and comprehensive products when scheduling products.

Inventory is diversified

Weisheng’s vast factory buildings cover an area of 14 hectares and are equipped with high-quality steel with sufficient quantities and complete specifications.

Adequate inventory and complete products, with complete supporting services and management, can stably support the supply of time-sensitive projects or large-scale projects. With its abundant inventory and close international supply network, Wesson is ready to assist you in any time. When choosing Victory, you can rest assured.

Professional domestic and foreign consultative team

Weisheng gathers a strong team with professional steel, overseas engineering experience and foreign language communication skills and will be your best advice.

A single professional will listen to your needs throughout the process and help you to simplify the complicated procurement business: to grasp the import and export regulations and quality specifications of the countries in the early stage, and then to analyze the unique project project customization; cross-border cost quality, delivery schedule, and other supporting facilities. With professional and nuanced judgment, we can provide you with tailor-made suggestions, propose the best solutions, and get the most benefit for your grand project.

Diversified custom processing services

For more than 40 years, we have accumulated a wealth of customized project experience and we understand the needs of customers for procurement and processing integration.

Weisheng provides complete first- and second-processing line value-added services within its plant, significantly reducing customer time and transportation costs, and increasing efficiency.

Quality management rigorous

Vison's plant, which has a sound safety standard, has obtained ISO9001:2015 international certification.

In order to ensure the quality of finished steel products, we have established a quality control mechanism. All processed steels must pass the “Quality Double Quality Management Policy” and the layers should be checked for your finished products. The customer can also grasp the processing flow by scanning QR Code. It is a symbol of Visteon’s precision manufacturing process that can withstand the production history traced back and forth.

Special transportation schedule control

With the crucial project delivery period, we can guard you: Actively prepare a precise import and export transportation plan for you. You can enjoy a stable and trustworthy schedule management program, and you can keep track of the latest progress at any time.

Our own transportation fleet provides you with accurate control of shipments to customs declarations. For overseas customers, our transportation schedule will include actuarial transportation time, careful and thorough shipping flow chart, and will be tracked with professional personnel at any time. process. It is our guideline to value our commitment and our mission. Weaving for you, we must strive for minutes.