Delivering Integrated and Innovative Solutions for Structural Steels

With a foundation in profound technical knowledge, Wei Sheng Steel consistently infuses our services with innovation. Our dedication to deliver quality steel products and holistic solutions solidifies our role as the cornerstone of urban progression. Anchored in our robust principles, we venture forward envisioning a sustainable future.





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One-stop Integrated Solutions

With a client focused approach, our one-stop integrated solutions, ensure precision at every juncture and wholeheartedly support throughout the process.


Proudly recognized with ISO 9001, ISO 3834-2, and EN 1090-2. Through utilizing digital production management we execute each engineering initiative with precision and professionalism.

Global Procurement

With over half a century of global experience in steel procurement and coordination, offer a variety of quality steel products and maintain a steady inventory over 30,000 tons, showcasing our capability to support large-scale and timely projects.

Steel Fabrication & Processing

Our comprehensive steel fabrication & processing encompasses from BH, BOX, H-beam Drilling, to coating, we proficiently cater to the diverse engineering needs.

Storage & Management

Spanning an impressive 163,000 square meters of extensive storage, we are well-positioned to accommodate large-scale, time-sensitive engineering initiatives, ensuring meticulous preservation.

Dedicated Transportation

Equipped with a dedicated fleet, offering integrated international transportation, we are committed to ensure timely and trusted deliveries.

Steel Fabrication & Processing

Drawing on our extensive experience in structural steel, we provide comprehensive support tailored to meet every aspect of engineering needs.

Steel Materials

Upholding a foundation of professional expertise and extensive supply experience, we offer a range of quality steel materials.

Solar Energy

Atop our complex, solar panels boast a 4 MW annual capacity, producing sufficient energy to electrify 1,300 homes for an entire year.


Within our complex, we have nurtured 550 trees over 8,800 square meters, annually offsetting 6,600 kilograms of carbon emissions.


With a united push for sustainability, our daily habits underscore eco-awareness, resulting in an annual reduction of 800 kilograms of waste, cutting disposable utensil use by 10,000 units.

Net Zero

In step with global carbon benchmarks, we target high-impact operations, streamlining with energy-efficient investments to steadily cut our yearly power consumption.

Competitive Benefits

We offer benefits that exceed standards, from annual salary assessments and bonus structures to comprehensive health care provisions.

Work-Life Balance

We are committed to enhancing the welfare of our members, which includes childcare allowances, family day events, and a friendly workplace for our female colleagues.