Emphasis on Safety Management of Personnel and Factories

We regard safety as our long-term commitment. At Wei Sheng, all of our personnel must possess an accurate understanding of public safety principles and related knowledge, including the management, regular workers, and business partners. We do our best to ensure our personnel and customers carry out their works in environments that meet high safety standards.

The ways in which Wei Sheng implements measures to prevent workplace hazards include the followings:

  • Safety Training: We organize safety training sessions for our personnel on frequent schedules. Through regular safety promotion and disaster prevention drills, we seek to make sure that our personnel remains highly alert in terms of safety. For our foreign staff members, we provide training in their native languages to ensure that information is accurately conveyed.
  • Professional Education: We provide comprehensive and professional job training and standard operating procedure training. For our foreign staff members, we provide training in their native languages to ensure that information is accurately conveyed.
  • Safety Equipment: We provide professional outfit and safety equipment to our personnel according to the nature of their work.
  • Dedicated Professionals for Specific Duties: The operation of specialized equipment and machinery are conducted by professional staff members with qualified licenses. We provide re-training sessions to ensure that specialized staff members acquire the most up-to-date knowledge and skills.

Building a Safe and User — friendly Environment

The factories of Wei Sheng incorporate all kinds of public safety principles into the comprehensive environment planning and rigorous management mechanisms. We invest our utmost effort into ensuring the procurement and processing needs of each customer are met. We deliver our promises in perfection by setting high standards for self-discipline.

  • Material Management: All materials placed inside and outside of our factories are color-coded to allow management under different categories. They are stored at different areas in an orderly fashion. Each storage area is supervised by dedicated personnel who conduct material processing based on established flows, which significantly reduce errors and waste. The dispatch of each steel product must follow clear instructions and standard operating procedures. We implement our commitment to public safety through audits and inspections.
  • Safety Facilities: Facilities such as steel anti-collapse fencing and orange-color safety cages have been installed inside the factories.
  • Route Planning: For factory guests, we have set up elevated walkways to ensure their safety during the tour of our facility.
  • Warning Signs: Warning signs are placed throughout the facility to remind individuals on site the importance of workplace safety .
  • Facility Maintenance and Inspection: All production facilities, equipment, and transportation vehicles undergo scheduled maintenance and inspection to ensure their normal operations and functions. This policy minimizes the possibility of public safety disasters.