Product Source Tracking; Monitoring at Every Level

We are the first in the industry to introduce the idea of “Product CV” to realize our belief in ensuring product safety.

At the production frontend, we secure the supply of raw materials from partner suppliers chosen based on their scale and reputation. Through the use of stable and quality materials, we establish a firm foundation to ensure the quality of your product.

To live up to our devotion in raising the quality standard of our products, Wei Sheng takes the lead to introduce “Product CV” into our manufacturing process. For each step of the work flow spanning ingredient import, manufacturing, to shipment, the monitoring effort is reinforced through the automated creation of the Product CV, providing you with a complete track record of your customized product, thereby realizing our promise of quality guarantee.

This product source traceability program that can be tested and reaffirmed comes in useful when problems are reported. It plays an important role to help us uncover the reason and allows us to make timely changes, helping to improve the quality of our services and increase the benefits of the customer’s project.