Our Belief: An Enterprise Spirit on Adaptive Growth

Our company is comprised of teams with individuals who are hardworking and professional, with the passion for serving others and possessing visions and ambition in the steel industry. We envision the company as a rich soil where employees can develop and grow. It is a place where people of diverse background and different personalities can work together, encouraging you to pursue achievements which can become your source of accomplishment. We welcome people from all walks of life, with different background and sets of skills to share a common vision: “Infusing vitality into steel and creating added value to customers’ needs.” Through a wealth of in-house training and on-the-job guidance, we encourage our employees to interact and grow together, creating value to their individual career history.

Just like how you are looking for a place that provides you with rich opportunities for adaptive growth, we are also looking for people with similar visions just like you!

Our Environment: A Sense of Belonging Characterized by Warmth

In addition to their independent working space, the company offers a comfortable work environment which is characterized by the office place planning reflecting those of private homes. Here, we have user-friendly employee cafeteria, kitchen, tea room, and dressing room for the comfort of our workers, while island tables encourage exchange among them. It is a great place for teams to share ideas over coffee, providing them relief from their work. Furthermore, we also try to decorate the spaces with art trinkets and small galleries to incorporate aesthetics into the environment. The factory also includes green facilities such as eco-ponds and green lawns and spaces to remove the old stereotype of factories being dark and crowded, which has the added benefit of making it more welcoming to those who work there. Our attention to workplace details aims to create a heart-warming place for employee interaction, thereby giving birth to more inspirations and creativity.

Our Growth Opportunities: Creating Your Own Stage

We offer outstanding opportunities for learning and career development, encouraging our employees to develop their interests and talents, helping to realize their individual goals and values in life. We believe that each of our worker are interested in overcoming their own limits and develop their individual capacities. Ultimately, our company will be enhanced by the interest of our employees in improving their own skills. The positive cycle of stimulation and growth promises to become your ideal workplace and career stage.

For our employees across all stages, we offer a rich variety and diversified training programs. At the same time of accumulating professional knowledge, our courses offer the workers a place for continual self-development.

New Employee Training
In addition to professional courses, we also have in place a “mentor” mechanism. Veteran workers will guide new hires through hands-on experience, educating them on preventing and resolving potential problems. They provide support for new employees through the early period of their career with us, helping them to adapt to the work environment.

On-the-job Learning
As Taiwan’s major steel processing inventory company, we provide added value service in integrating resources and technologies. We continue to invite outside instructors or commissioner experienced workers from within the company to plan a variety of on-the-job learning courses. These help our workers to train and develop their professional knowhow, enabling to grow with the company under a continuous learning environment.

Our course covers three major directions including workplace safety, quality management, and work-related skills.

Workplace Safety

The course seeks to enhance workplace environment and personal safety, focusing on the prevention on all types of occupational disasters. Coursework include: machinery hazards and standard first aid; fire safety drills; emergency care personnel training; operation guidance for special gas device, crane, stacker, and boiler. In addition, we proactively increase the frequency for work safety training sessions, as well as expanding our course coverage to include our business partners. We seek to enhance the safety of employees through a strategy that emphasizes “from the inside to the outside” and “comprehensive factory area management from theory to practice”.

Quality Management

Quality is the best tool for promotion. We put a special emphasis on every segment of the product inspection process, including on-the-job training in the followings: welding, steel structure construction technology, quality inspection, and acetylene welding. These help to raise the professional skills and knowledge of our employees, creating additional value for both our staff and products.

Work-related Skills

We encourage adapting to changes of the environment, so we created a friendly environment for our staff to learn together. In addition to holding classes related to computer programs and engineering from time to time, lately we have also expanded such trainings to foreign languages, helping our workers to connect with the global community.

Self-motivated Learning
Through incentives such as rewards and subsidies, we encourage our employees to participate in outside education programs, certification training, and seminars. You can rest assured for having the opportunity to explore your unlimited potentials of your career path on the job.

Our Benefits: Strong, Comprehensive Coverage and Encouragement

Talent is one of the most important resources for the enterprise. We anticipate our employees to fully exercise their potential and efforts, finding a balance between work and private life and remaining in an optimized condition. At Wei Sheng, in addition to sharing their achievements with their team members and receiving a satisfying wage, we also designed a series of benefits to provide our employees, offering them multiple channels for learning, subsidies for obtaining professional licenses, scheduled health checkups, occasion luncheon gatherings and group insurance. These benefits aim at having our workers feel respected and provide them with encouragement, assimilating them into our team.