Steel Integration Services

The year 1975, an important year for Taiwan’s manufacturing industry as it took off, also marks the establishment of Wei Sheng in southern Taiwan. Over 40 years, we have gradually evolved into an integrated steel supplier. We are among Taiwan’s 500 service companies and recognized as top 30 in terms of operational efficiency. We dedicate ourselves to integrated services in providing structural steel.

Complete Product Lines

We maintain a stock supply of 30,000 tons of structural steel in our inventory such as H beams, plates, angles, channels, and more. At the same time, we have also set up multiple processing lines to provide comprehensive and professional processing services, which includes hole drilling, bandsawing, bevelling, punching and oxygen cutting, as well as Build-up H Beam and Box (Column). The product inventory and complete processing lines can meet all types of construction needs in the shortest time.

Global Presence

Our service is accessible around the world, with offices in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and Germany. We join forces with our strong partners who possess abundant resources to provide our clients around the world with timely service.

We integrate resources around the globe to meet construction needs in Taiwan and abroad. Some of the major international projects and landmarks which demonstrating our participation include: Taipei 101; Kaohsiung World Games Stadium; Canadian oil platform; power plants in the Philippines and Texas, USA, through which we contribute to the realization of highly challenging symbols of modern architecture.

Leading Strategy

We fully recognize the fact that service isn’t immune to changes but is something which requires a solid foundation that evolves with time and led by innovation. For over 40 years, we adhere to our core principle of “creating value for our customers”. Through our innovative approach in the industry, we integrate sources of our materials in Taiwan and abroad while gradually setting up processing services at all levels, providing our customers with complete-coverage management of the multifaceted and complicated construction process.

Your Strongest Backing

Our promise is to offer you the strongest backing and support. We seek to provide professional services, as well as integrate resources, to provide you with the plan tailored to meet your need that also yields the maximum benefits. This makes us the ideal partner for your business.

Our Values – Sincerity and Trust

Integrity and trust are the values we adhere to. Our company’s reputation – accumulated over the years through our insistence on quality, benefits of project, and management of progress – is our most valuable asset which forms the core of our competitive edge.

We seek to provide you with the most reliable and strongest support in your quest for extraordinary achievements.