Green Building Material – Joining the Ranks of Making Earth More Sustainable

Our primary products – structural steel materials – are used for buildings and construction. Steel structure is regarded as a green building material of our times. Compared to the sandstone quarrying process required to obtain the material for construction projects involving the use of reinforced concrete, steel has a less destructive impact upon our natural environment, as seen from the manufacturing, processing, and even recycling/reclamation process of steel.

Through our participation in the improvement of construction processes, we seek to promote the use of green building materials to realize the co-existence of manufacturing and ecology.

Contribution to Disadvantaged Groups

We work with local social welfare NGOs to look after the well-being of children from disadvantaged and high-risk families. Through long-term assistance and accompaniment, we hope to provide the children with sufficient resources for education and day-to-day living to help change their life and open up career opportunities. During each Lunar New Year, we work with local borough offices to present red envelopes to senior citizens from disadvantaged groups living in the vicinity of our factories and to children and families who need assistance. Through numerous major and minor acts of charity, we hope to fulfill our social responsibilities by helping those in need.

Nurturing Local Youth – Better Living for the Local Community

“People” play an important role in helping the society move forward. The incubation of talents seeks to open up new “opportunities,” which requires sufficient employment resources and comprehensive incubation plans. Since its founding, Wei Sheng has implemented numerous recruitment plans at our offices following development and expansion of our business and proactively nurture local youths. Through offering various education and training programs, we hope that these future talents will be able to develop their capabilities and go back to their hometown to serve the community. The close ties between business, community, and local neighborhood based on trust and sincerity are the key to creating a society characterized by warmth and compassion.

Conscious Consumption – Support Outstanding Enterprises

Each purchasing decision unknowingly shapes and changes the appearance of future society. Our company and other outstanding enterprises take pride in promoting conscious and planned consumption. We carefully select producers with similar mindset and support businesses which agree with this shared value, because we believe that through choice and conscious spending decisions, we can affect the society in a positive way. This is also in line with our company spirit and vision.