Certification and Inspection

  • “ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems” certified
  • “ISO 3834 Welding Quality management systems” certified
  • “ISO15614-1:2012 Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials certified
  • “ISO14732 Welding personnel certified
  • “ISO9606-1 Qualification testing of welders certified
  • “American Welding Society D1.1 Structural Welding Code compliant
  • Certified “American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector” among our staff

In the interest of achieving higher levels for our quality management processes, we continue to acquire international standard certifications in related areas. We are currently in the process of applying for the accreditation of “BS EN1090 — Structural Steel”.

Our quality management process complies with strict international standards. At the same time, we implement the “Dual-track Quality Management Guideline”. All our products need to pass two inspection checkpoints to ensure that they are monitored at all levels, which is a way for us to strengthen product safety and boost trust among our customers.